Saturday, February 23, 2013

Live in the woods 2013

Ok so it has taken a year since our last blog post and a lot of stuff has happened since...
We released 'Doze', played a lot of nice shows, made some music videos, wrote new songs, etc.

However this is a short post about the fact that since can't afford to tour Europe this time the way we did with our debut album. We're also busy making the third album already, so we're really focused on that at the moment. But we wanted to do something for our international fans...SO...

A couple of our friends run a media class for youngsters and we heard that the students wanted to practice some live video and recording.
So we packed our stuff in a van, drove in the middle of the woods to play a short show for all you lovely people and recorded it then and there.

Download the free ZIP of the whole "show" HERE

Or listen to it here:

And here's the videos for 'Pause' and 'HML'

All the best everyone, we haven't forgotten you (although we kinda forgot about this blog for a while)


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