Friday, April 15, 2011

Beautiful Video for About Brothers OUT NOW!!

"This music video tells a story of a boy who creates a world with his
drawings - meets some bad guys but befriends them and gets the girl in

The boy is acted by the directors brother, Tomi, who in real life draws
dozens of pictures a day, listens to great deal of music and writes
stories about robots, droids and saving damsels in distress - he likes to
call himself the "Ambassador of good will".

The director originally aimed to make a short film about his brother, but
when the band Delay Trees contacted him in the hopes of a music video,
realized their music made the perfect match for this story.

Filming took place in the dusk of the Western Finland's
countryside and
was supplemented with shots in a local doll-museum.

To re-create that 8-mm retro-look, the director
attached vintage Canon FD
lenses to his camera with a 35-mm adapter
built by himself. This added to
the unique look of the piece.
Tomi's drawings were then
scanned in
digitally and animated in 3D to interact with him in his

-Teemu Erämaa,

Delay Trees "About Brothers" from friendly fire recordings on Vimeo.