Saturday, May 15, 2010

Studio part 1.1

This week we spent three and a half days overdubbing guitars and playing some piano & rhodes at the great Studio Kekkonen. I've also sung the vocals for two songs already, which is nice.

We created some really crispy sounding textures with acoustic guitars and rhodes running through multiple effects and Juppu even loaned some "hippie bells" from the Lebanese restaurant downstairs to give this sort of magical, dreamlike atmosphere on few of the songs. They really needed that extra something to become more interesting and I think we nailed it...
Now we have two songs almost ready and three cool songs we'll work on next week.

Here's a few photos of the fearless trio at Studio Kekkonen and a drum soundcheck video from our first session at Mankku-studios.

Take care everyone!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Studio part 1

Well well.

We now have the basic tracks for the first 5 songs in the bag and two and a half joyfull days to remember. In the next few weeks we'll be doing some overdubs and vocals, and hopefully get a single ('Cassette 2012') out in a month or so. Lauri added some photos from the sessions to our Delay Trees page in Facebook, check them out here.


The room

Our muse for the sessions, the ever so lovely Kylie.

Meditative, eh?!