Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blogging Begins

Yo Yo Yo, we're now part of the blogosphere with our official band-blog.
I simply got fed up with the very limited MySpace-blog and therefore am really excited to share all the stuff that comes to mind in here.

We just had our first album pre-production meeting a few days ago with our recorder/co-producer and I'm feeling really good with the whole thing. At least NOW I am, I'm such a rollercoaster ride with my feelings and sometimes I'm too stressed about the songs not being good enough or whatever... Oh, well, we'll be heading to the studio in a few months and we're totally stoked about getting to record something, hopefully something meaningful that we can be proud of. I guess the first "single" will be released in the late May/early June. Till then, take a look at these videos if you haven't already checked them out and enjoy the revival of Spring!

Delay Trees: Desert Island Song - M1-studio (Live) from Sami Korhonen on Vimeo.

Delay Trees, Kaskas @ Torvi 6.2.2010 from Markus Kontiainen on Vimeo.

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