Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Learning to simplify

We just had our first proper sort of pre-production rehearsal last weekend. We're going to record the basic tracks for the album totally live, so we really want to be in good shape musician-wise. We're also trying to simplify our playing now which forces us to think each one's parts again and again from fresher perspectives. So far it's been fruitful. I know it's common that bands usually have tons of songs to record and to choose for the album. We really don't work like that, I mean, it seems to help us concentrate on the songs we have currently better, if we have 10 we're confident about than to have 20 songs that we're not certain of. Now we're trying to make the songs we have sound as good as possible and we're just focusing on the little things and details. I DO have a lot of songs/demos on my computer but they don't have the same vibe, or spirit, that most of the songs on the planned album right now. Most of them are REALLY minimalistic and slow, maybe we'll save those for the future.

Or then we'll end up throwing most of our songs out of the window in the studio and start doing some weird experimentalslowcorepsychedelicrock?! Maybe we should live like Wayne Coyne to make it happen... And I wouldn't mind a bit, check it out:

...Oh and I just heard the new The National song, Terrible Love, sounds quite promising. Enjoy it with a huge dose of spring sunshine!

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