Tuesday, December 13, 2011

SXSW & Canadian Music Fest CANCELLED!

We're very sad to announce that we're forced to cancel our showcases at SXSW and Canadian Music Fest in 2012.

The reason is mainly financial.
Just the US-visa payments for a party of four are ridiculously high and since we couldn't get a tour around SXSW, it just doesn't make sense at this point . As you probably know we're unsigned at the moment and quite broke so flying overseas for a few shows sounds a bit crazy for us.

We're sorry to disappoint any American fans, but we'll definitely try to come touring there as soon as it is possible and not a financial suicide.

There's also a lot of other stuff happening in our lives and I guess we have to find the fun in being in the band again. We're focusing on recording some new material with our friend Julius Mauranen in December and we already managed to record some songs in Hämeenlinna with Teemu Vilmunen a few weeks ago.
We're trying to be care free with the new material and not calculate things too much.
So if our record ends up being ½ of punk rock and ½ of instrumental jams, don't panic, it's just us feeling good and enjoying being in the band again.

All the best to everyone and enjoy the holidays!


  1. So, you have to lean back, enjoy the holidays, drink suomalainen wodka, eat a lot of Fazer chocolate and drink a few oluts. I hope you get signed soon and find fun again!

    Happy holidays and alle the best wishes from a fan in Germany :)


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