Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Little update

It's now summer in Finland and it's warm and pretty and everything is just perfect.

We played a laid back show in Helsinki a few weeks ago with Paperfangs and are going to play a couple of cool Finnish festivals later this summer (Ämyrock, Flow-festival) but all in all we're taking it easy, practising new songs, experimenting with new sounds and maybe releasing a new five song EP which consists of really old and really new material.
We've also planned to swim a lot, play soccer a lot and maybe longboard a little.

Friendly Fire Recordings have been good to us, the record has made quite well on college radios and About Brothers video has aired multiple times on MTV, Much Music, Spinner, etc. So some really cool small things have been happening for us in the States and I've given a couple of nice interviews as well. Check them out here and here.

We've also had some licensing interest from Japan, which would be cool, let's see what happens. At the moment it seems that we'll be visiting Germany once again in October, but I don't have enough info yet to share you with any details. We have a new booking agent in Europe and we're looking forward to coming back to Germany!

We're now officially out of Johanna Kustannus label. We are very happy to be out of there as it is no longer the company we originally signed to. It was sold to Universal and things really changed to worse.
We're looking for a new label and in an ideal world we would put out a new album next spring.
We have around 7 new songs that are quite good and quite different from the old material. Meaning that slow songs are slower, dreamy songs are dreamier and we even have a few fast and fuzzy pop songs.

I've been listening to a lot of early Flaming Lips, like 'Clouds Taste Metallic', early R.E.M. and Slowdive's 'Pygmalion'. I guess the new songs are some kind of a mixture of the moods those records share. Dreamy and hazy and a bit lo-fi.

I'm not sure what we're gonna do with the EP I mentioned earlier. We don't know if we're gonna release it by ourselves or with someone, or will it be a download only or maybe just a limited edition cassette or something, but we'll let you know soon. Promise.

So I guess we're doing quite alright, nice things are happening all the time, we're excited about the new songs and just hoping that the future looks as bright as the past.

Thanks for your support people and enjoy the summer.

Here's one of the best shoegaze songs ever written for your listening pleasure!

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