Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

2010 was quite a music year here in Finland with acts like Ultramariini, Villa Nah, Kap Kap, Circle, Sister Flo, Ville Leinonen, Kaskas, Magenta Skycode, Paleface, Islaja, Kiki Pau, Minä ja Ville Ahonen and Topi Saha (just to name a few) all releasing great albums.

We enjoyed playing the twenty or so shows to nice people, had a very pleasant visit to Germany, had crazy fun making the record at Mankku and Kekkonen, got to warm-up for the amazing Teenage Fanclub and even got a very supporting message from Norman Blake few days after the show!

Despite the overwhelming amount of good new Finnish music, our self-titled record was received fairly well in the press and in the radio and many people heard our music.

Helsingin Sanomat and Soundi picked our album as one of the best of 2010 and these guys also liked our music:

Next year starts on a high note; our album is released in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Netherlands by Cargo Records and we play a Germany-tour supporting I Like Trains (UK) in January. We've also been talking with a very nice indie label in USA, so keep your fingers crossed with that one!

We've planned to put out an EP at some time next year to get rid of the older songs and start planning on the next album, but let's see...

We hope you had a great year, we most definitely had!
Have a wonderful New Year and enjoy 2011 with an open heart.

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