Friday, June 4, 2010

Studio part 2

After an exhausting studio session in Porvoo, home is the best place to spend your Friday night... In calming silence with the best company and maybe a good movie.

We've now recorded the basic tracks for the rest of the songs. Most of them are slower and post rockier than the songs on our first session and the mood had to be right for the perfect takes. Unfortunately the right vibe wasn't easy to find with some technical problems holding us down at the start and later with some issues that made all of us feel a bit uneasy for a while.

In the end though, the songs came out great and they will support the album as a whole just perfectly. We'll start working on the overdubs in a week or so and we couldn't be happier though we had sort of a rough time at Mankku this time. We are very blessed to have the opportunity to make beautiful music with our dear friends and with a tremendously talented producer. And a nice studio assistant/roadie, Kiiski.

I don't know for sure when the first "single" will come out, hopefully soon.
Might be even next week...?!

Love is all, good will prevail.
Take care everyone,


Lauri's Hammond jam

Night Moods

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